Root Canals

Get Root Canal Therapy in Hanford, CA

root canal for a toothache Lemoore and HanfordIf you’re suffering from an infected tooth, root canal treatment can bring almost immediate toothache relief for even the most severe tooth pain. We can provide this straightforward procedure right here in our Hanford OnCall Dental office to help get you smiling again soon!

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

All adult teeth contain a small amount of tissue at their core. This tissue is called pulp, and it’s the pulp of a tooth that is at risk of infection or abscess when the exterior of a tooth becomes cracked or broken—root canals can help in situations like these.

This tooth infection is often very painful, but root canals can alleviate that pain quickly. After completely numbing the area, your dentist will remove the infected pulp of the tooth, clean the small space left behind, and seal it with a crown or a filling so no further bacteria can enter.

Once this root canal treatment is over, your toothache and any tooth sensitivity you’ve been experiencing should be completely gone. You’ll be able to eat, speak, and smile again in confidence and without pain!

Do I Need a Root Canal?

root canals Hanford and LemooreIf you’re experiencing a tooth infection or a dental abscess, the signs are usually clear. Look for the following symptoms:

  • A discolored tooth, or a tooth that has recently grown darker.
  • A persistent toothache that won’t go away on its own.
  • Tooth pain while eating.
  • Tooth sensitivity to the temperature of foods or liquids.

Any of these signs are a good reason to visit our office in their own right, but all together they make a strong case for a tooth infection. We look forward to offering you the root canal treatment you need in order to eliminate your tooth pain and improve your quality of life!

Get Exceptional Tooth Pain-Relieving Treatment at OnCall Dental in Hanford

Don’t suffer through the pain of an unending toothache when you can access fast, professional root canal treatment through our Hanford office. We are proud to be able to provide root canals to all of our patients who need them. Contact us today to schedule an appointment if you are in the area, including Visalia and Lemoore!