Tooth Extractions

Get A Tooth Pulled in Hanford, CA

wisdom teeth removal in Hanford and Lemoore

Our staff works hard to make sure our patients keep all their natural teeth. However, sometimes a tooth extraction is the best way to improve your dental health. When that is the case, OnCall Dental in Hanford can help!

When Does a Tooth Need To Be Extracted?

There are two common reasons for removing a tooth: dental decay and overcrowding. At OnCall Dental, we can help with any reason for tooth extraction.

Tooth Decay

If a tooth is badly decayed and can no longer be saved through a dental filling or a root canal, it’s usually a good idea for us to perform a tooth extraction. This will stop any tooth pain from the decay, and will prevent that decay from spreading to your other teeth.

Teeth Overcrowding

When too many teeth try to grow in the same area, it leads to overcrowding. This is often seen when wisdom teeth begin to erupt, which is why having wisdom teeth pulled is so often necessary. This wisdom teeth removal process will protect your teeth from crowding against each other in a too-small space, thereby keeping your smile straight, your jaw healthy, and your teeth pain-free.

What Is the Tooth Extraction Procedure Like?

tooth extractions Hanford and LemooreWe never want our patients to feel afraid of our tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal processes. Our patients’ comfort is extremely important to us, which is why we will always provide sedation dentistry options to eliminate any pain and help you relax during the treatment itself.

If a tooth has already erupted completely, we will not need to use any surgical procedures to remove it. Instead, your Hanford dentist will gently rock the tooth back and forth until it’s loose enough to be removed. Removing impacted wisdom teeth is a quick and simple procedure.

If teeth have not erupted yet, as is often the case with wisdom teeth, your dentist will make a small incision in the gum and carefully remove the tooth from the tissue surrounding it. We do everything we can to make sure having your wisdom teeth pulled is as easy a process as possible.

We Can Make Sure Your Mouth Stays Healthy with Dental Extractions in Hanford, CA

At OnCall Dental in Hanford, we will do our best to keep the rest of your teeth healthy and get your wisdom teeth pulled in a comfortable environment. If you have a badly decayed tooth or have not yet gone through the wisdom teeth removal process, contact us if you are in the area, including Hanford and Lemoore!